Starfall RPG


Starfall RPG

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Authors: Paul Mitchener

Artist: Jonny Gray

System: Wordplay

Pages: 94

Published by Wordplay Games


The only sign that something was horribly wrong was the blue tint to the sun that was visible at dawn. Meteorologists explained that this was due to particles in the atmosphere from extensive forest fires in Canada that summer. They were incorrect. On September 28th 1951, the world ended.

That day, devastating explosions destroyed the twelve most populous cities in the world. Then the aliens came -- the giant beetle-like Scarabs. They came, and conquered, enslaving and destroying.

It is now 1952. The remaining nations of the world are desperately fighting for survival. The Scarabs have superior technology to the remains of humanity, and there is ultimately no hope. Or is there?

Starfall is a complete science fiction roleplaying game, powered by the Wordplay RPG engine.


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