Time of the Wolves


Time of the Wolves

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Time of the Wolves

Authors: Paul Mitchener; Graham Spearing

Artist: Jason Behnke

System: FATE

Pages: 112

Published by Wordplay Games


Time of the Wolves is an epic saga of four linked adventures for the Age of Arthur roleplaying game.

Your band of heroes are at the heart of the struggle to save the Kingdom of Ebrauc from the menacing Angle invaders.

The ravenous noble sons of the ruling dynasty of the Angles, the Wuffingas, are hunting glory and conquest. Ebrauc is the tasty morsel that they are vying over.

Strong sword arms and brave hearts will not suffice. In these adventures your heroes will fight heroic battles, undertake difficult negotiations, meet fearsome monsters, discover lost treasures, encounter the beguiling Fae, sing songs in smoky halls, drawing on every ounce of heroism and sacrifice.

The wolves are circling.

Can you keep them at bay?


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