Tianxia - Blood, Silk & Jade *Print + PDF Bundle*


Tianxia - Blood, Silk & Jade *Print + PDF Bundle*

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Category: Fate Core System sourcebook for players and referees

Size: 190 pages, hardcover, 8.5” x 11”

Interior Art: Full Color

Author: Jack Norris

Stock Code: VP2000

ISBN: 978-0-9858815-6-6


Kung Fu fantasy and epic Wuxia adventure come to life in Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade. Created for Fate Core System!

Renowned game designer Jack Norris presents an all-new adventure setting with Kung Fu rules designed from the ground up for the Fate Core System roleplaying game. Beautifully illustrated in full color by Denise Jones, this book presents in detail the wild and dangerous Western province of Jiāngzhōu, a border territory in the greater empire of Shenzhōu. Players take on the role of Wuxia—wandering kung fu masters with skills and abilities that grant them the power to affect the fates of many—who are part of the Jianghu, a select culture of Kung Fu elite whose skills set them apart from other social groups.

Experience the wonder of high-flying Kung Fu drama in a setting that feels as if it were plucked out of your favorite Wuxia movies! Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade presents you with rules for creating Kung Fu-powered heroes and villains, as well as a wealth of source material for your games so you can hit the ground running. Six sample player characters are presented, as well as numerous villains and animal threats. Richly detailed setting elements and mysterious NPCs help to illustrate a mystical feudal China that never was. Sample adventure seeds with key characters described are included, as well as a “Menu” of adventure elements for quickly pulling a story together with very little preparation!

Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade is designed for Evil Hat Productions’ Fate Core System and requires those rules to play, but the supplemental material is written so that it can be easily used for any role playing system. Your journey through the world of Tianxia begins here: you might be a beggar-priest, or the child of the Emperor himself, but it will be your abilities as a Wuxia that shapes your fate… and the fate of everyone you meet.

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