How We Came To Lve Here *Print + PDF Bundle*

How We Came To Lve Here *Print + PDF Bundle*

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Category: Core Rulebook

Size: 218 pages, softcover, 5.5" x 8.5”

Interior Art: Black & White

Author: Brennan Taylor

Stock Code: GG2000

ISBN: 978-1-934859-38-4


The People have emerged into a strange new world, a world ruled by monsters. They must carve a place for themselves in this hostile place. Tell the tales of mythic heroes facing the threat of terrible monsters from outside, while at the same time finding their way within the strict rules and expectations of their family and their village

HOW WE CAME TO LIVE HERE is a story-telling game which evokes the myths and legends of the Native American people. Within the game, characters must navigate their own ambitions and desires, the conflicting demands of their fellow villagers, and the ever-present threat of monsters and natural disasters from outside. Your own ambition could lead you down a path of corruption.

Play HOW WE CAME TO LVIE HERE, and tell your own story of the Fifth World.

"How We Came To Live Here is a game that successfully, and respectfully, merges the felling of a living culture with a world torn from myth, and wraps it all in a set of rules that do a great job of evoking the Fifth World at the table." - Jason Morningstar, author of Grey Ranks and The Shab-al Hiri Roach

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