Kingdom of Nothing *Print + PDF Bundle*

Kingdom of Nothing *Print + PDF Bundle*

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Category: Core Rulebook

Size: 82 pages, softcover, 5.5" x 8.5”

Interior Art: Black & White

Author: Jeff Himmelman

Stock Code: GG0002

ISBN: 978-1-887920-04-9


Once upon a time, great monsters of grey glass and granite rose up into existence all across the world. They tore and gnawed and gnashed their way through dirt and bedrock until their roots were buried deep within the earth. They sucked the life from the surrounding land.

As years passed an these horrors grew and grew beyond all reason, pieces of them died and fell away. It was in these dead places that ghosts came to live; in the shadows and tunnels of the urban nightmare. In the Forgotten Places.

Kingdom of Nothing is a game about people who've lost everything, and their struggle to crawl their way back. You take the role of a forgotten person. A force called the Nothing has eaten your memories and your deepest fears manifest as twisted monsters that threaten to destroy you.

Your character's lost backstory is created by the other players at your table. Through the course of the game, you come to grips with the thing that destroyed your life and regain your memories piece by piece. You gradually discover what caused you to get lost in the Nothing.

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