The Island of the Piranha Men *Print + PDF Bundle*


The Island of the Piranha Men *Print + PDF Bundle*

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Title: Kaphornia 02: The Island of the Piranha Men

Game Line: Adventures in Kaphornia

Category: Complete game book (rules + 1 adventure)

Size: 88 pages, softcover, 6.6” x 8.8"

Interior Art: Black & White

Author: Christian Lonsing

Stock Code: CHC53902

ISBN: 978-1-909126-82-4


A fantasy movie for your game table!

Barbasco Roteon, the Blood Sucking Scourge of the Sea, has returned and kidnapped the daughter of the Kaphornian museum’s curator. Will the heroes manage to gain the upper hand against zombies, pirates and other monsters and put a stop to the vampire captain’s rule?

The Island of the Piranha Men is a complete game providing 3 hours of humorous, adventurous entertainment for you and 3 or 4 friends for the price of just two movie tickets.

With simple rules, and all the preparation done for you, you can jump straight into the adventure. You will be playing within half an hour of opening the book.

A fun and cheap evening for you and your friends!

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