Broken Shield RPG Hardcover *Print + PDF Bundle*

Broken Shield RPG Hardcover *Print + PDF Bundle*

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Category: Core Rulebook

Size: 300 pages, hardcover, 8.5” x 11"

Interior Art: Black & White

Author: Gobion Rowlands

Stock Code: CHC12051

ISBN: 978-1-909126-94-7




Fast Paced Superhuman Sci-Fi Noir Roleplaying!

The Broken Shield Roleplaying Game is an exciting game of espionage and investigation set in London - the faded heart of the vast and ancient Steel Alliance. The Broken Shield Roleplaying game is based on the exciting world of the Agency Case File novels by Gunnar Roxen.

With this core book you can:

- Play Echoes like John Aries, superhumans whose power is only limited by how fast you want to burn up their life... or play Slivers like Lovelace, genetically-enhanced to be faster, stronger and deadlier!

- Create a hard-boiled Investigations Agent, engage in high-tech espionage as a Covert Operative or bring justice as a steely Agency Marshal!

- Explore the palatial highs and depraved lows of sci-fi London, crux of the vast interstellar Steel Alliance!

- Worship your chosen Disciple - god-like beings who left their indelible mark on humanity and then disappeared!

- Stick to what you know as a stock human, or bring out the alien in you with a new sub-species: the iconic Pures, tough Hulks, or supremacist Gethans!

- Generate unique and memorable characters with a powerful character history and plot path system!

- Use the Echo Wheel, a revolutionary fast paced and powerful system to reshape reality!

- Powered by the Broken Shield Engine, a unique system tailor-made for the universe!


The Broken Shield Roleplaying Game is your gateway to an exciting new world of adventure!

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